Tareeqk is a leading online car recovery service operating throughout the entire UAE territory. We seamlessly connect customers with their nearest recovery car. Through simple few taps, your order will be placed via Tareeqk’s platform, your location will be identified, and our driver will be promptly notified as to ensure fast response.

Simply said, you do not have to go through all the steps of ordering a recovery car, as we share your order with our drivers through an entirely automated process and make sure that your recovery car arrives on time, every-time!

Finding recovery’s phone numbers, being put on hold for a while, or even waiting until you no longer get a busy signal while dialing a driver could be burdening, yet with Tareeqk, everything is different and easier: You can view the nearest recovery car through the map on our app.

No extra fee is required once the price has been approved.

Yes. Our system support both online and cash payment options for Debit/Credit Cards.

Yes. You can view our latest promotions and obtain discount coupons upon clicking on the Offers tab. There are even better news too! You will benefit from a free recovery service upon your fifth order.